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Wellington Boots!

Well, I love all animals, but at the moment we are very much owned by 3 cats. All 3 of them are pure black as for some reason they struggle to be re-homed the most. We have been well trained to respond to their every want and need, regardless of the time of day (who knew there were two, 3o’clocks in a day) or weather condition. They get particularly grumpy with me when I open the door and it’s raining outside and there is full expectation for me to change the weather! Sadly my expertise don’t go that far and they let me know how disappointed they are in my abilities 🙂

However, they more than make up for their cheekiness by being the most gorgeous cuddle monsters.

There are so many options of pets that can own you, which one(s) take your fancy or have adopted you?

Are you a dog person, a cat person, smaller animal person, or larger animal person?

Are you a mixed family with pets that get along, tolerate each other or have found different parts of the house to live in? Our three all get along, two are brothers and one was adopted later on from a rescue who were struggling to rehome him.

I’d love to hear about your pets, let me know in the comments.